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823 S Bundy HOA

1007 6th Street

11119 Camarillo Street

3200 W. Riverside

1530 18th St.

941 11th Street

10149 Commerce Ave

1247 Barry Avenue

230 Bethany Road

10609 Bloomfield St.

11652 Chenault St.

4614 Via Colina

5301 Cahuenga Blvd.

5340 Las Virgenes Rd.

11218 Camarillo Street

535 E. Cedar Avenue

234 North Kenwood St

347 W. Stocker Street

817 5th Street

5616 Etiwanda Ave.

5706 Fair Avenue

3407 Huxley St.

4705 Kester Ave.

1045 N. Kings Road

10655 Kinnard Ave.

10945 Hortense Street

20134 Leadwell Street

7020 Lennox Ave.

13243 Vanowen St.

4614 Finley Ave.

12330 Magnolia Blvd.

645 E. Magnolia Blvd.

1620 N. San Fernando

14924 Nordhoff St.

537 N. Adams Street

437 E. Palm Avenue

500 East Lexington Drive

310 E. Providencia Ave.

1016 Raymond Ave.

406 N. Oakhurst Dr.

12460 Sonoma Dr.

6251Coldwater Canyon Ave.

4900 - 5036 Glickman Ave.

4301 - 4375 W. Sarah St.

435 East Valencia Avenue

13561 - 13623 Valerio St.

10706 Victory Blvd.

13815-13821 Victory Blvd.

300 Providencia Avenue

4343 Finley Ave.

1520 Camden Ave.

800-830 E. Acacia

801-834 E. Acacia/Garfield

9533, 9541,9545 Woodman

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